100 x (Ultra Resistant) Disposable Latex Gloves

100 x (Ultra Resistant) Disposable Latex Gloves

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These latex gloves feature excellent sensitivity in the palm and fingertips, as well as a smooth fit and feel. Popular in the janitorial and sanitation, painting, beauty, food service and chemical industries. Around the home, these latex gloves can be used indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or garage for cleaning, home maintenance, painting, yard work, pet care, arts and crafts. These gloves are A - rated gloves.

A - rated latex gloves (AA - rated latex gloves are thicker than A rated gloves).


  • Material: Made of high quality natural latex material, it is a great choice for individuals seeking an alternative to latex gloves,
  • Optimal for tasks that have a short duration and require frequent glove changes,
  • Provides high levels of dexterity and sensitivity. Enhances tactile response and ensures optimal feel and a grip you can count on.

For every 1 quantity ordered, 100 gloves will be shipped.

The price quoted is for 100 gloves.